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Giordano raised an eyebrow. “What they did sixty years ago?” He shook his head. “Time to let go of the past and move on with your life, don’t you think? You weren’t even around sixty years ago! Why should it even affect you?” It had been a very hard lesson for him to learn—letting go of the past. For all the injustices the Templars had brought upon him, he knew the only way to completely remove himself was to not act on past deeds several years old. What would that accomplish? Only the complete annihilation of everyone involved in the end. “Blindly following others is a sure path to Hell, though I doubt you even believe in such a thing.”

”Never heard about the fall of Constantinople Giordano? Of how all Europe abandoned us while the Ottomans sacked the city, killed and raped people.” She remained silent for a moment. ”It affects me, and everyone who is of Byzantine origin, from the elder people who where there that day to the newborn babies. I’ve been almost raped for speaking Greek.” She looked at him. ”I doubt you understand this.”


Giordano bit back a laugh and shook his head. “They’re using you, yet you’re too blind to see it.” He’d seen it action—he knew how the Templars worked. Heck, the Assassins were guilty of some of the same things. “As soon as you’re useless to them—and that time will come—they’ll throw you to the wolves without a second thought. You said you weren’t given false promises, but you were. You’re expendable. We all are.”

”No, no my dear Giordano you are wrong again, they’re not using me, I like what I do. Those Ottomans must pay for what they did to us 60 years ago and are still doing.” She looked at him serious. ”We all are, like you said.”


“So which is it?” Giordano asked, crossing his arms over his chest. “You say you only work for them as an actress, yet you also admit you are a Templar. So which one is it? You can’t walk the line between these two—it’s one or the other as far as the Templars are concerned.” He knew that things weren’t always so black and white, but when it came to allegiances, well… those were one of the few exceptions. Yes, they could change, but there was no such thing as being one then the other when you felt like switching.

She smiled a bit while listening to Giordano. ”I’m an actress, but I work for the templars when they need my services, I’m not one of their knighs or a soldier, I’m an agent.” Lysistrata smiled again now looking at him. ”those are my ”other performances” the ones outside the stage.”


“Then you’ll do the sensible thing and remove yourself from this fight. If the bastards will let you.” Giordano recalled, with a great deal of bitterness, how the hypocrisy of the Assassins had revealed itself. How some no doubt viewed him as a traitor and tried to take his life.

All because he wished to get out of the fight. A fight that would only end in death for everyone involved.

“And don’t think for a minute they won’t come after that baby of yours. They will. That’s what the Templars do. They have no qualms about harming an innocent person if it’ll get someone to cooperate. In the end, if you want to protect anyone, you need to rely on yourself. And only yourself.”

She shook her head, for her it was impossible to leave the Templar order, even if sometimes she wished to leave. ”No, I can´t, but I only work for them, I’m an actress.”

”Not all of them are like this, but I would kill anyone who dares to hurt Zoe, Templar or Assassin, Byzantine or Ottoman, I only rely on myself even if I’m a Templar.



”Lies? False promises? No, no one lied to me nor promised me anything. We have more honor and courage that those Assassins” She looked at him.

”We fight for this Giordano, each one of us are seeking to make that change possible, to destroy the superstitions that keep men divided.”

“I never said a thing about honor or courage from either group—neither one can claim to have it when that isn’t true. So don’t try to convince me that the Templars have something the Assassins don’t. That doesn’t change the fact they have taken everything I hold dear on more than on occasion!” Giordano was beyond angry now—just the mere thought of every single person that the Templars had taken from him vividly reminded him of why he had joined the Assassins in the first place. In the hopes of protecting them.

Ultimately, he had failed them. The Assassins weren’t the answer. Neither were the Templars.

“The Templars will never succeed. They’re doomed to failure, just as much as the Assassins are. I guarantee you the two groups will destroy each other!”

”Do you think the Assassins have not taken people I hold dear?” She tried not to be sad when thinking on her father and her comrades and friends the Assassins have killed.

”I’m tired of this fights, believe Giordano.” She looked and smiled at him.


“You only think you’re free. You honestly think the Templars will let you live free? You’ve fallen for a lie, a big one, yet you don’t see it.” He took a deep breath.

“But I’m not going to try and convince you to turn from them when it’s obvious you’ve bought into their false promises. The change we want to see will only be brought by individuals actively seeking to make that change. I know not by what means… but two groups fighting violently is not what this world needs.” He didn’t expect her to understand his reasoning—he didn’t even fully understand it himself.

”Lies? False promises? No, no one lied to me nor promised me anything. We have more honor and courage that those Assassins” She looked at him.

”We fight for this Giordano, each one of us are seeking to make that change possible, to destroy the superstitions that keep men divided.”


“Don’t you dare touch me!” Giordano snarled, pushing her hand off his shoulder and taking a few steps back. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself. He was letting her get under his skin, and that was the very thing he didn’t need to be doing right now.

“Ah, that is where you are wrong. The Assassins, on the contrary, don’t kill innocent people, at least not intentionally.” He almost said more, but kept his mouth shut. No sense in saying more than was absolutely necessary. “The Assassins, however, are no better than you Templars. I’d rather die a free man than live another day as a slave. Neither group will bring about the change this world so desperately needs. I seek balance in my life, and I know where I will find it. It doesn’t lie with the Assassins, and it sure as hell doesn’t lie with the Templars.”

”Oh, sorry, I didn´t know you were so sensitive…”

She folded her arms as she was listening to him, examining every detail in him. ”So, you think I am a slave? No, I don´t live under any delusion, and I can do whatever I want, not like some Assassins.” She looked at his eyes.

”Then tell me Giordano, who will bring the change this world needs?”


“It matters little if we’ve killed one, or a hundred. We all have blood on our hands. In the end, that’s all that’ll matter.” He shook his head. He just knew, at one point or another, she would try to unnerve him by acting like she could read him like a book. He knew the Templars’ tricks, and he wasn’t going to fall for them.

“How amusing, to think you assume to know me when you don’t know the first thing about me. Go ahead. Make your silly little offer. We both already know what the answer is going to be.”

”No Giordano, no. You are wrong again, I’m not assuming to know all of you.” smiled to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. ”I just know you don´t like those Assassin rats. How could a man like you be part of a group of people who kill innocent people?”


“I tend not to cry too much over the one’s I’ve killed. God knows the Templars didn’t cry over the ones they took from me.” Giordano nearly spat. Even thinking about the Templars was enough to anger him. But he knew the Assassins weren’t really any better. They had all but proven that.

“I don’t need nor desire your help, thanks princess.” Giordano said, his tone a bit mocking. “You have nothing to offer me that I would possibly be interested in.”

”We aren´t the heartless monsters the Assassins believe, most of us are good people”. Looking at him. ”I bet that you killed more people than me, and I’m the ”bloodthirsty” Templar…”

”Really? You are terribly wrong, your face doesn´t say the same as your mouth my dear Giordano” She said smiling at him.


“Persistent one, isn’t she?” Giordano snorted to himself. Finally, he was simply unable to take it anymore, and he whirled around on her.

“So help me, if you don’t stop following me, I will deal with you myself.” he snarled, hand resting on his sword to show he wasn’t joking around. “So if I were you, I’d keep that pretty little nose out of other people’s business if you wish to keep it. Capito?” It was plain to see that he was stressed and perhaps a bit paranoid about what had happened to him lately that was causing him to act so harshly. But if it kept him alive, he didn’t care.

She looked at him for a short moment, without saying a thing, noticing that he was very stressed. ”Would you kill the mother of a little baby?” She looked at him again.

”Hold your horses, I’m not going to harm you Giordano” She examined him from head to toe, verifying that his robes weren´t the ones of an Assassin. ”I can help you, if you wish” She smiled. ”Did they abandoned you? Or you abandoned them?”